We offer an innovative and exciting international curriculum 


Early Years

Our Early Years comprises of Pre-KG and KG1. The children in Early Years are offered Amazing Learning opportunities through The Hamilton Early Years Thematic Curriculum, a play-based curriculum which celebrates the uniqueness of every child. This curriculum is bespoke to Hamilton and facilitates holistic development, encouraging Independence and Interdependence, Communication, Enquiry and Healthy Living and Physical Well-Being. The Hamilton Early Years Thematic Curriculum introduces exciting units that allow the children to build skills and to share their knowledge of the world around them. These units are used as a springboard as we follow the interests of the children to see where their learning can take them.

The Hamilton Early Years Curriculum is complimented by discreet learning opportunities for Phonics, English and optional Arabic and Islamic. The children also receive Music, Languages, Physical Education and ICT lessons.

Primary School

The Hamilton Thematic Curriculum is a comprehensive, creative curriculum with a clear learning process for the foundation subjects and science. Each unit of work is designed for one core purpose: improving students’ learning. These cross-curricular units are based around themes to help children make sense of the world they live in, nurture their personal qualities, and develop a sense of international-mindedness. Throughout each topic, students explore a range of subjects and personal learning goals.

The subject learning goals cover the knowledge, skills and understanding that the students will develop and are the foundation on which the thematic units are built. The eight personal learning goals underpin each unit to represent the attributes that we believe children will find essential in the continually changing context of their lives.

Middle School

Grades 6, 7 and 8 make up our Middle School.

Each area of study is designed to build on the knowledge, skills and understanding acquired in the primary years. Students will experience exciting new learning opportunities across the curriculum with subject-specialist teachers, including: Science, Social Studies, Languages, Computer Science, Performing Arts, PE and Design Technology.

High School

The High School currently consists of Grade 9 and will expand up to Grade 12 as the school continues to grow.

Designed specifically for international students, the curriculum is broad, balanced, responsive to a student’s needs and equips the child with subject knowledge, critical skills, and first-hand learning experiences.

Preparing children for the future, wherever they are, the curriculum is multi-dimensional and tackles real-world problems in the classroom to make these more relevant and meaningful. It fosters authentic and engaging learning experiences.

Aligned with the principles of the Qatar National Vision 2030, the emphasis is on collaboration, inquiry, investigation, reflection and learning to draw conclusions under the guidance of the teacher.

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