We celebrate diversity and the individuality of every child

Inclusion, Learning Support & EAL

Our teachers work tirelessly to ensure all children make as much progress as possible and the activities the children take part in are matched to their ability level. Our teachers personalize the curriculum for the needs of the individual children in their class.

Our experienced teachers personalize the curriculum and differentiate to meet the needs of all learners in their class. We know that some children require extra support and interventions to meet their individual targets.

At The Hamilton International School we have a dedicated department that supports students across the school to help them meet their targets – this could be in class or on an individual basis.

What is Inclusion at The Hamilton International School?

At Hamilton, we celebrate the uniqueness of each of our students and aim to identify and support the needs of all our students.

Gifted Enrichment Program

Gifted students are those who perform, or have the capability to perform, at higher levels compared to other children of the same age, experience, and environment. At Hamilton, we ensure that these students are provided with ample opportunities to reach their full potential. Students are identified through assessment results, teacher observations and recommendations.


English as an Additional Language (EAL):

Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) provides support for students new to English Language. We welcome students with various levels of English and support their integration into an English-speaking environment so they feel comfortable at our school.  Our EAL specialists work alongside teachers to help EAL learners develop confidence, skills and knowledge to access the curriculum.


Inclusion Program:

As an Inclusive mainstream school, we have in place provisions to support a wide range of additional needs.  Our Intervention support includes dedicated support classrooms at each grade level to support our students in reaching their full potential.  Such classes support a range of areas, including academics, communication, and social skills and provide a bridge into the larger mainstream classes.  The intervention classes are smaller in size than a typical classroom, with a smaller ratio of students to adults.  Individual Education Plans support the students at their point of need, and a multi-disciplinary approach to their learning journey ensures that gaps in learning are bridged and individual needs are met. We have a team of onsite therapists in Speech & Language, Occupational and Behavior Therapy who are timetabled to work with students in the Intervention Class at their point of need.

The Hamilton Hub is a dedicated wing of our Inclusion Department at Hamilton, supporting students with a range of therapeutic interventions such as Speech & Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy.  A fully modified curriculum supports our students to progress holistically at a pace suitable to their needs, and an individual approach to their learning ensures that our students succeed.  The Hamilton Hub class sizes are kept at a minimum to support progression, and we recognize that each of our students is unique.

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