We are proud of the feedback we have received from our parents


I have worked in global mobility and relocation services for over 25 years. In this time, I have worked with Fortune 500 companies, their employees and prospective parents in analyzing and choosing the right school(s) to meet expatriate families’ personalized needs. Through this process I feel I have developed success indicators that help determine the health of a school ecosystem. Please let me share a few of these indicators and how I feel Hamilton performs as a parent of a student.

  1. Management that empowers and supports its well-selected faculty and staff

Recruiting and retaining talented faculty and staff is a cornerstone of a well-managed school. Experienced and skilled teachers have an enormous impact on the development and positive interaction with students. The faculty at Hamilton are absolutely unparalleled in the Middle East. I am not only impressed and extremely satisfied with Ms. Buscher, Eric’s Grade 4 teacher, the Specialist teachers are also excellent. Mr. Ross and Ms. Leite, just to highlight a few, are fantastic! Mr. Ross engages the students and develops challenging lessons that stimulate creativity with technology. Ms. Leite goes above and beyond to ensure students are equipped and motivated to embrace music. Kudos to the staff at Hamilton, they are incredible. But they would not be as effective or motivational if they did not feel empowered and valued in the workplace. As an involved parent, I can see that they feel empowered by both you and Mr. Rinaldi. Intrinsic motivation is a tricky concept to master but I sincerely believe the Hamilton leadership team has a successful formula, and it shows in the attitude and performance of the faculty.

  1. Student focused curriculum

Academic excellence is important, however, the development of characteristics of a global citizen is also paramount. Focus on resilience, emotional intelligence, identity and inter-personal relationships are absolutely critical for students to mature and succeed. The PYP and MYP approaches encourage students to be independent thinkers and put the enjoyment of learning at the heart of their ethos. The dedication to these fundaments emanates from the top to every team member within Hamilton.

  1. Adaptability in a dynamic environment

I do not believe a single one of us could have predicted the global pandemic and how it would impact education. It is the open mindedness, transparency and flexibility of Hamilton that is commendable. The leadership and teachers have embraced the challenge and continually evolve to deliver effective, flexible and stimulating lessons. Weekly feedback sessions with the parents provide a healthy feedback loop and it is evident that the leadership team takes this input to heart and continually refines the distance learning deliverable.

These three success criteria are just a few examples. There is a plethora of reasons why I love and whole-heartedly support Hamilton, such as new state-of-the art facilities, diverse after school / extracurricular activities and clubs and engaging community events. Overall, we feel privileged to be a part of Hamilton International School.

Please share my feedback with the entire team and continue to keep up the amazing work!

Christine Sperr

What makes the Hamilton school different is that children feel loved and this boosts their confidence and their learning abilities. Also, each student’s abilities are taken as an individual case. My son for example is more advanced for his class, so he receives different learning material than his classmates and thus doesn’t feel bored and his learning is tailored for his abilities.

Hamilton is the third school my daughter has gone to in Qatar, and I can confidently say that the teachers here are literally the best in Qatar. Ms. Zamzam is the best teacher I have met in my whole life, and I am not exaggerating. Kids love her and at the same time respect her and do whatever she asks.

I am very pleased of the way they learn in Hamilton as it boosts their creativity tremendously while at the same time they learn a lot, through fun, and what they learn, they never forget, it becomes general knowledge.

What differentiates Hamilton from other British schools in Qatar, is that second languages are taken seriously. Both my kids now know basic Spanish.

Almost all Arabs in Qatar suffer with Arabic language because usually schools don’t give it enough importance, but here, the teachers are lovely, and they do their best. My daughter has improved a lot and in less than one year in Hamilton, she is able to read and write, something she couldn’t do in her previous school despite the many meetings and requests and complaints that I filed at her previous school.

Being a member of Friends of THIS has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing and kind parents, which has meant I have become more involved in my children’s happy events.

Rania Shamseen

Choosing a new school for a 7 year old is certainly a tricky endeavour. There are many factors to be considered, from children’s well-being and advancement to foreign languages teaching to receptive environment of teachers and staff at school. With this in mind we started looking at schools trying to apply some objective criteria which had everything we were looking for. We attended the Open House Day at Hamilton’s newly inaugurated building before the school opened and my daughter spent hours in facilities without wanting to leave. Since then it became clear to us that Hamilton International School was the perfect fit and we have had all our expectations fulfilled from Day One the school opened.

Even though it’s only their first operational year in Doha, Hamilton has been able to maintain its high standards, coupled with individual attention to each student. My daughter has developed both educationally and personally. The first proud feather to add to her cap was when she was voted into the student council. She has always been encouraged by her respective teachers to participate enthusiastically in ICT, sports, music and the arts which has strengthened her self-confidence, self-advocacy and joy to try new things.

Thanks to all her teachers for their endurance, quality care, enthusiasm, diligent efforts and passion, along with the strong and positive leadership of Mr Senior and Mr Rinaldi which creates a positive learning atmosphere across the whole school.

There is strong sense of community and being a part of Friends of THIS has made us feel like a small family when we walk through the door. We are proud to be associated with all the first events at school such as Cancer Awareness Day, International Day, Qatar National Day and Sports Day.

Even during these difficult times that have engulfed the whole world in the past few months, the endurance and enthusiasm of the school and its teachers has not ended. Within only a few days everything was online for students to start their e-learning. Daily tasks were allocated from their main teachers as well as specialist teachers to help the children stay committed. It wouldn’t have been possible for our students to get used to this sudden change without the help and encouragement from their teachers. Thank you for establishing healthy boundaries and creating a space for our children to be themselves.

Such a great environment for our kids to experience and grow up with.

Mehar Sadiq

We were thrilled when our daughter was accepted into The Hamilton International School. With the excitement also came anticipation – it was a risk as the school was new, however it’s a risk that has paid off.

The facilities are phenomenal and state-of-the-art. The ECAs and ASAs offered by the school and their sporting partners are second to none.

The feeling when you walk through the corridors is welcoming, with a sense of pride and the school community feels like one big family.

As an active member of the Friends of THIS group, I have been fortunate enough to have interactions with all the staff. Their energy, dedication and passion to their students and the school is evident.  Friends of THIS have so far been involved with Cancer Awareness Day, International Students Day and Qatar National Day. These events were a great success and a wonderful way for teachers, students and parents to interact and make new friends from all over the world.

We have been particularly impressed with the school curriculum and the encouragement of the older students to become future leaders. IPC topics have been inspiring and educational. We were lucky enough to attend the Grade 4 Exit Point from The Great and The Bold & The Brave in the school theater.  The teachers and students created an amazing play to showcase their learnings. When we eventually return to Australia, we have no doubt our daughter will be ahead of the rest of her peers.

Having moved across to online distance learning, we believe the school has responded appropriately.  The real difference was when the live webinars were introduced. It has been pleasing to see the quantity and quality of work provided by the teachers and produced by the students. THIS needs to be commended for their efforts during this difficult period.

We highly recommend Hamilton; it will be a decision you will not regret.  They have definitely exceeded all our expectations.

Matt & Katrina Chaplin

Hamilton is a different and inspiring environment for children – they provide a wide range of experiences and programs that actively engage students and parents in a fun and healthy way. Their easygoing staff make you feel like you are part of the family, and their teachers are really caring and passionate about delivering a quality education to all students. As a parent too, I feel Hamilton is a very democratic school as they always engage parents in decisions.

I will not forget to mention the 5-star facilities that are available for students and parents – lovely swimming pools, a fully equipped gym, play areas, courts, libraries, excellent parking, a theater, a black box – and the cafe is an added value too 😊.

Hamilton’s dedication to its students is remarkable; they do the best they can to deliver, no matter what obstacles or challenges they face. They have truly exceeded my expectations.

Distance learning has been a challenge for all schools – we saw some setbacks at the beginning, but Hamilton was quick to take on feedback from parents and things were turned around very quickly. The technology offered by the school has been very useful, such as the daily webinars with teachers and the weekly webinar with the principal which have been much appreciated.

Finally, being part of Friends of THIS team is a privilege to me. I am so glad for the time we spent together preparing events in the school which gave me the opportunity to learn more about different cultures and to build new friendships.

Noor Tabaza

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