We use education technology to aid the development of 21st century skills for our students

Digital Learning & ICT

Today’s children are now entering school as fully-fledged digital natives embracing technology from an early age.

Welcome to the Technology Department at The Hamilton International School, where passion drives purpose and unlocks potential! Our department offers three main subjects: Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for Early Years and all Primary School students, Computer Science for Primary and Secondary students, and Design and Technology for Upper Primary and Secondary students.


In our primary school, students actively engage with all three subjects during their weekly ICT period. This exposure ignites their passion for technology and sets the stage for their technological journey. Students study Design and Technology, and Computer Science as separate subjects in Middle school. As they progress towards the High School Diploma, Design and Technology splits into Resistant Materials and Graphic Products, providing focused pathways for exploration and growth after Middle School.


Our ICT department is equipped with four computer suites, a range of hardware and software including desktop computers and tablets, and a well-furnished workshop boasting a range of traditional tools, power tools and machines comprising of scroll saws, bench drills, sanders, 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a 3D scanner. Here, students transform their passion into purposeful projects. They harness the power of computer-aided design (CAD), graphic design software, and traditional engineering techniques to craft innovative creations. From concept sketches to the final product, students learn about the design process in-depth, embracing the potential of their ideas, building on feedback in order to get better.


In the Technology Department, we believe in nurturing a culture of creativity and innovation. We encourage students to dream big, explore their interests, and find their purpose in the world of technology. With dedicated educators and amazing facilities and resources, we strive to unlock every student’s potential and prepare them for a future where technology plays a pivotal role.

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